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Join us as we launch Movepal’s on-demand moving app first in Melbourne and then all over Australia. Movepal: It’s just like Uber for moving!

We’re raising capital through an equity crowdfunding campaign and invite you to invest as we prepare to expand.

Now’s your chance to get involved and be part of the journey as Movepal grows. The tech is up and working; over 100 customers have tested the app and have been successfully moved. Almost 700 applicants have applied to be Movepal movers in Melbourne alone. And several retailers, both large and small, have already expressed their interest in partnering with Movepal to provide reliable, scalable home delivery services.

We are ready to launch to the public in Melbourne, but the only question is: will we be able to scale fast enough to match the demand?

That’s why we are opening our doors to Equity Crowdfunding investment opportunities. The funds raised will be used to drive marketing, expand our operations, customer services and development teams. We then plan to expand quickly into Sydney, Brisbane and then all around Australia.

Get my share of Australia’s $46 billion dollar moving and freight retail delivery industry!

Disclaimer: CSF warning; always consider the general CSF warning and offer document before investing.

Equity Crowdfunding FAQ

What is equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding ’s similar to the crowdfunding you see on Pozible, Kickstarter, etc., but instead of putting money in and receiving a thing (like a product, film, etc.), you put money into an operating business and you receive shares and become a part-owner in that business. And of course, when the business is profitable and in a position to do so, all our part-owner shareholders will receive monetary dividends. Businesses that want to expand rapidly or raise funding for more equipment, a new venue or rapid expansion are well suited to equity crowdfunding. Investing in companies through Equity Crowdfunding

How can I get a share of Movepal?

Our Equity Crowdfunding campaign will be run in three stages: Expressions of Interest, Private Raise and Public Raise. In the next few weeks, we will be opening our Expressions of Interest. If you click on the link here and “register” your interest, you will be contacted first in the Private Raise stage, will receive our full investment information deck and be given first pick for Movepal shares. After the Private Raise stage has been completed, if we still have not reached our $2 million goal, we will then open Movepal up to the general public for additional investment opportunities.

Why invest in Movepal?

Movepal is the natural evolution of the short distance, local moving industry: the Uber of moving everything from single furniture deliveries all the way up to moving 3 bedroom homes. In a high demand industry where it’s hard to differentiate the quality movers from the phonies, we help customers connect with vetted, accredited movers in their local area. And by connecting movers and customers, we cut down the movers’ overhead expenses, so they can pass the savings on to you.

Is registering my Expression of Interest (EOI) binding?

Registering your EOI is a non-binding indication of your interest to invest in Movepal. When you click on the link, you can see our story, get to know the team behind Movepal, what we intend to use the investment for and you can state the minimum and maximum you might invest. When we go live with our raise, we’ll email you all the nitty-gritty financial details and you will be given first pick for our priority shares.

What do I get back for my investment?

Firstly, you get to own a share of Movepal. As a part owner, you will be eligible to receive dividends when the company begins to earn profits. The more you invest, the more dividends you will receive.

Will there be dividends for my investment?

It is the intention of the business to pay all shareholders a dividend when is profitable and in a position to do so. There will be some retained profit to reinvest in the business and some returned to shareholders.

How much money does Movepal aim to raise and what will it be spent on?

Our Equity Crowdfunding goal is to raise $2 million dollars to help us scale quickly to meet demand.Everything’s set up to go. Now scaling to meet demand is our biggest concern. To date, we have not yet invested in marketing and promotions, but are still inundated with calls just from word of mouth referrals. Once we officially launch and start promoting Movepal, our conservative projections indicate that over 20% of Australians will prefer to book their small, local moves with our on-demand moving app. Movepal will launch in Melbourne first, but with your help, we will be able to expand into Sydney, Brisbane, then around Australia within two years. So the money raised here will be spent on scaling up our operations, marketing, promotions, IT support and onboarding more staff to meet expected demand.

Is this an equity purchase?

Yes, you will receive real equity and ordinary shares in the Movepal business. The amount of equity you receive is based on the amount you invest and the value of the shares in the round. The shares are the same class as the Founders and other significant shareholders.

What Australian legislation governs this crowdfund?

Crowdfunding is governed by legislation that is covered by ASIC (RG 261) and can only be performed by accredited organisations. Crowd Sourced Funding Guide for Companies

Will I be able to sell my shares?

Shares in private businesses are not easily transferred and generally not ‘liquid’. However, it is possible to sell shares to other shareholders or back to the business during a company buy-back or an employee buy-out or to a third party purchase should the Founders wish to exit or partially exit.

How does Movepal help customers?

Movepal connects customers with quality, licensed, vetted and insured removalists. But Movepal does so much more than just connect you to random movers: our team has over 60 years of removalist experience between us, and we only allow the crème de la crème of movers to wear the Movepal logo. So when you download the free Movepal app, you can breathe easy because you’ve already cut through to the best selection of removalists in your local area. And because we are helping your local removalists find you faster and more easily, they have fewer overheads and can pass the savings on to you.

How does Movepal help movers?

Movepal is more than just a connecting service: wearing our logo is a seal of approval that we back your skills 100%! Being listed on Movepal will help you find more work in your local area, which means less unwanted downtime, less travel and fewer overheads. Sure, you can still run your own business either through our Movepal app or entirely separately, but we will provide all those extras every business needs that have nothing to do with removals: promotions, marketing, our company website, customer support, paperwork and more. That leaves you with more moving jobs, fewer tasks and more money. And you are still the master of your own, independent business. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

How does Movepal help retailers?

Retail delivery is a considerable component of Australia’s $44 billion dollar freight industry. And it’s growing rapidly! Retailers, big and small, have a problem getting larger customer purchases delivered by reliable, available movers. Even if they have a regular delivery service provider, it’s difficult for retailers to scale up during peak seasons or scale down for the off seasons. Movepal provides retailers with an on-demand delivery service for large items (too big for couriers) that keeps the delivery prices low and consistent and that can be scaled up or down with the click of a button.

How does Movepal help online retailers?

Movepal is opening up the local online market so that everyone can afford to get home delivery. When you purchase larger online products from smaller, local retailers or secondhand sellers, like a washing machine from Gumtree or a bookshelf on Facebook’s marketplace, getting your purchases home is a problem. Do you have the time to go pick up the item? Is your car big enough, or do you even own a car? With Movepal, local online purchases become more reasonable: you can afford to buy that sofa you saw and get it home delivered for a fraction of the usual moving costs and at a convenient time that suits you.

If I have more questions, who should I contact?

If you have any further questions not already answered here or on our Birchal Movepal page, you are welcome to email us your queries directly at: [email protected]

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