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Type of Policy:Marine Cargo Policy (Transit Insurance)
Policy Number:M2 M033562 CAN
Insurer:QBE Insurance (Australia) Limited
Interest Insured:Personal Effects, Furniture and office furniture excluding servers, computers, IT systems, Printers and the like.
Cover Option 1:Limit of Liability: $1,000 per individual item per Move
Cover Option 1 Excess applicable:$100 per individual item per Move
Cover Option 2:Limit of Liability: $10,000 per multi-item Move, limited to $1,000 per individual item.
Cover Option 2 Excess applicable:$1,000 per multi-item Move
Voyage From:Australia-wide
Transit per:Road
Claims Notification Period:If a consignment is received damaged, but damage is not apparent at the time of delivery, then the client has strictly 7 business days to report such damage. For items which are lost in transit, the client has strictly 7 business days to report the loss, from the date which the client becomes aware of the loss. Such damage or loss will be deemed to have occurred during the period of transit. Absolutely no consideration whatsoever will be given to damaged / lost items where the loss is notified 7 business days after delivery. (Note: Business days does not include public holidays or weekends).

This Policy Schedule attaches to and forms part of QBE’s QM3170-0516 Home Contents and Personal Property in Transit Insurance Policy (Product Disclosure Statement and Marine Insurance Policy).


Movepal Pty Ltd

ABN 19 623 987 066

HQ: 22A Kalimna Avenue, Mulgrave VIC 3170

P: PO BOX 33311, Domain LPO, Melbourne VIC 3004

T: 1300 007 725




Movepal Pty Ltd

22A Kalimna Avenue, Mulgrave VIC 3170

Who we act for

Movepal Pty Ltd is appointed as an Authorised Representative of Australian Risk Applications (Pty) Ltd to provide the insurance service under their Australian Financial Services Licence number 228991. There is no relationship between Movepal Pty Ltd and Australian Risk Applications (Pty) Ltd other than one of customer and service supplier.

Authorised Services

We hold a Domestic policy. When you instruct us to do so we can arrange for this policy to cover you. If you ask us to arrange the above insurance policy, we will give you a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). This will describe the main features of the policy. You should read the PDS to help you decide if the policy suits your needs, objectives and financial situation. If you need advice or your insurance needs are different from the cover available in our policy, we can refer you to Australian Risk Applications Pty Ltd who will be able to assist you.

How we are paid

For arranging for you to be insured under our policy, we receive the difference between the amount you pay us for your insurance and the cost of the premium we pay for the policy and the amount we pay under the excess in respect of all claims. The amount you pay us is based on the value of the goods we are removing or storing on your behalf, as declared. Our staff who arrange your insurance are paid a salary. They do not receive a bonus for arranging insurance for you. In addition, Australian Risk Applications Pty Ltd receives remuneration such as fees and commissions for arranging the insurance.

Do we have Professional Indemnity Insurance?

During the term of this agreement, Movepal Pty Ltd will maintain in force Professional Indemnity Insurance against negligent acts, errors and omissions.

We Only Provide General Advice:

We will give you factual information about the relevant insurance products to help you decide whether to buy them. In some cases, we may make a general recommendation or give an opinion about them. Any such advice we provide to you is of a general nature only and does not take your personal needs, objectives or financial situation into account. You need to consider the appropriateness of any information or advice we give you, having regard to your personal needs, objectives or financial situation, before acting on it. Because of this we recommend that you carefully read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and Policy documentation we give you before you acquire the products.

Complaints and Disputes

Australian Risk Applications (Pty) Ltd handle all complaints or disputes about our services. Their complaints officer can be contacted at:

Level 4, 12 Mount Street, North Sydney NSW 2060

(02) 9007 2491

If the complaints officer does not resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, you can refer it to Financial Ombudsman Services (FOS), whom they are a member of. For further information about FOS, please visit their website

Date of Preparation



QM3170-1118 Home Contents and Personal Property in Transit Marine Policy

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