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How Movepal Works


Request a Move

Use our online booking form or download our mobile app to request your booking. Select your pickup and delivery destinations, select the appropriate team, date and arrival time and tell us what you are moving.

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We'll find you a team

Once your have requested your move we will get to work finding you the perfect match. You will get a notification once a team has been assigned to your move and its confirmed.


Prepare for you move

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Chat with your mover

Once your move is confirmed you will be able to talk to your mover via SMS and phone call. We will mask your phone number to protect your privacy.


Track your team in real-time

In our mobile app your will be able to track your team from the time that they are on the way to your pickup location until they complete your move and the delivery destination.

Our app will show real-time updates including team location and duration of the move.


Rate your moving team

When we have completed your move, we will ask your to rate your moving team and let us know how it went. We will use this feedback to ensure a high standard of service. Your feedback also supports us and our many professional removalists.

Get moving.

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