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Every home move is different, which is why Movepal lets you choose the moving team you need.

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Are you a students moving off campus?

Campus accommodation includes most of the basic furniture you’ll need. So whether you’re moving on or off campus, why should you fork out for a big removalist truck to get all your things moved? Movepal has budget move options perfect for students: Try booking a small Movepal van with 1 mover for just $75 per hour.

Ready to move in together?

It’s time – you’re ready for the next step. But how are you going to get all your things from two small apartments in different suburbs to one 2 bedroom townhouse? With Movepal, it’s too easy! Give us the first pick-up address and your delivery address. If you have an extra request or pick-up address, you can just leave us a note in the app. Then book in a small Movepal truck +2 movers for just $129 per hour.

Moving Out of Home?

It may not look like you have many things of your own yet, but your parents are probably going to start adding stuff to the pile on moving day: when reality finally kicks in. Our advice? Reassure them you’ll be visiting often and accept whatever they add to the pile. And if you can help out a little, you most likely will still only need a small Movepal van + 1 mover for just $75 per hour.

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Wait while we find the perfect team for your move. You will receive a notification to confirm your move is locked in.



Make sure you are prepared for you move or delivery



Track your move, chat with your mover and receive status updates.

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Moving your furniture into or out of a storage facility.

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Choose a day or night that doesn’t disrupt your business.

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Too large to mail or pick-up, Movepal will get it there for you.

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