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You saw it, you like it, you bought it. And Movepal can get it home delivered today. No more checking when, or if, the store can deliver: on-demand store deliveries are now available at your command.

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Immediate Delivery

It’s too big for your car, but you bought it today. You want it today. Movepal can deliver it today!

Safe & Secure

Your new purchase will be secured, protected and your delivery automatically includes moving insurance.

Cost Effective

Get it delivered on-demand, when you need it, for minimal cost. No call-out fees. Insurance already included.

When the store can only deliver next week

You bought a brand new king size bed and mattress. You’re ready to pay extra for the delivery, but then the store says their next available delivery time is in a week. On a Tuesday. Sometime between 12pm and 4pm. Should you cancel the purchase and buy somewhere else? No – just book in a big Movepal van + 2 movers for just $109 to make a store-to-home same-day delivery.

The fridge died – but the BBQ's tonight!

Your big BBQ is today, but you woke up in the morning to find a puddle in the kitchen and the fridge is dead. All the meat is going to spoil and the beer’s gonna warm up. Call 000: It’s an emergency! Quick – you race to the nearest white goods store and buy a gleaming new fridge, but the earliest delivery is next week. It’s all good: Get a Movepal ute + 1 mover to pick it up and deliver it immediately for just $75 per hour.

A Happy Birthday delivered on time

It’s your partner’s birthday on Friday and you found him a super awesome massaging, recliner so he can veg out and fall asleep in front of the idiot box whenever he wants. Awesome! But the store can’t deliver it for a week. No worries! Order a small Movepal van + 1 mover for $79 per hour to pick it up on Friday at 5pm and deliver it just as he’s getting home from work. Talk about timing!

How is it done?

Simple, in 4 easy steps...


Request your move online or in our app. Choose your pickup and delivery destination, team, and your preferred date and arrival time.



Wait while we find the perfect team for your move. You will receive a notification to confirm your move is locked in.



Make sure you are prepared for you move or delivery



Track your move, chat with your mover and receive status updates.

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Marketplace Deliveries

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Large Items

Movepal charges door-to-door with no call out fees or depot charges.

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